What is Dirt Roads

Every month or so, Dirt Roads goes deep in analysing the way value flows through complex systems. Although it naturally overlaps with some of the themes covered by hundreds of often great finance, fintech and DeFi analysts, this newsletter maintains the ambition to focus on what is truly changing at the back end of financial intermediation. For this reason, DR shares more with mathematics and philosophy than marketing and technology.

About the Author

My name is Luca Prosperi. I spent my entire almost 20-year career building, advising, studying, and investing in financial intermediaries.

After having contributed to the evolution of some of the most impactful DeFi protocols and advised investors that are operating in the space, today I am CEO and co-founder of M^0 Labs. We refer to M^0 as a neutral value transmission framework able to permissionlessly mint currencies under decentralised governance. In simple terms: we are reinventing money.

I have competed for 10 years as an elite Ironman-distance triathlete, and spent one of those years defeating lymphatic cancer. I thought extreme sports were behind me, but as soon as I could I went back, swapping tarmac for the trails.

You can find more about me here.

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